Local Roundtable: Freddie Gray, Police Violence, and 300 Man March

baltimore-freddie-grayApril 21, 2015 – Segment 2

We host a local news roundtable, where we discuss police violence, this past weekend’s 300 Man March, and Freddie Gray, who died last week while in police custody in Baltimore. With: Bobby Marvin Holmes, Founder of Son of a Dream, a multimedia social development firm committed to empowering youth and families, and co-director and producer of Live Young Blood; John P. Comer, Lead Organizer of Communities United; Tyrone Powers, Professor in the Criminal Justice department at Anne Arundel Community College and former FBI agent; and Sonia Kumar, Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Maryland.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. david eberhardt says:

    Having listened to the first 1/2 of the Steiner Show’s Part one on Freddy Gray, – may I congratulate Marc on being the only media in town (outside of the Real News) to address this issue in a mature way. People like C-4 or the Sun or Kate Amara? They do not “get it”. wypr does not “get it”.
    I think Mr. Powers had interesting things to say- but it simplistic to insist that the police chief can change it all “instantaneously”. He points to Greenberg in SC and is certainly right abt Batts, but does he realize tht he wld be asking a chief to be that rare individual who can buck the whole system (and probably be fired) ?
    It ISa legislative problem- and guess what- Vallerio, Zirkin, Hogan? will prevent any real change.
    Capitalism (a word never used) will prevent any real change.
    The only solution is to work for revolutionary change- as frustrating as it may be. Marc actually has people on who are doing or can see that.
    Sonia Kumar- thanx for the statistics and the ACLU work- when would it be covered by the Sunpapers? and onlky in 2 cases were officers charged? HELLO.
    It won’t.

    I suggest any one reading this? who reads it? to donate to Marc’s work- the Center for Emerging Media and to WEAA.
    As to raving about what a great guy Freddy was- certainly those who arrested him often did not think that way.
    I still hear too much Boosterism even from those I basically agree with.
    Marc won’t challenge them.
    Of course to see the wrongs of this cosity and move to a revolutionary or even a civil disobedience resistance is not easy and is rare.

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