Local News Roundtable – Legal Marijuana in Maryland?

Legalization of marijuana in MarylandMarch 12, 2013 – Segment 1

We host a panel discussion about current events in local news. With: Hassan Giordano, Host of Reporter’s Roundtable and independent journalist with the Baltimore Independent Examiner; John Bullock, Professor of Political Science at Towson University.

Delegate Curt Anderson joins us for part of the discussion to discuss the legalization of marijuana in Maryland.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. David Rader says:

    I hear people debate about legalizing marijuana and one of the primary arguments against it is “it’s a gateway drug.” I don’t believe that it is “necessarily” a gateway drug, but that in the circumstances it is, it may have more to do with lies than anything else.

    From the time we’re children, our parents spread magnificent lies on like a rich creamy butter. One of the worst offenders is unfortunately Santa Claus, but there more less saintly lies we purport.

    When someone grows up with not only their parents, but hordes of adults intentionally lying to them, it’s no wonder there’s a little distrust in their advice regarding drugs.

    When most people try marijuana, another lie is discovered. Marijuana doesn’t destroy their lives, force them to do other drugs, or make them go crazy ~ in fact, the scariest thing about it immediately becomes “am I going to get caught?” That can make it even more fun.

    I think people try the next drug because they realize the truth that “this drug wasn’t as bad as everyone said, so maybe this other one isn’t either” And that drug will never be as bad as anyone says as long as they exaggerate and stretch the truth.

    Here are the facts:
    • No smoke is good for your lungs
    • An altered state of mind can make you see things differently, for good or for bad. Don’t operate dangerous machinery.
    • Unless you abuse it, it probably wont ruin your life in a short period of time
    • It could land you in jail, which could ruin your life immediately
    • Too much of anything will kill you
    • If you’re inducing an altered state of mind to run away from reality, that’s usually bad
    • If you’re inducing an altered state of mind to find answers for reality, use caution
    • Sometimes things seem under control, but control when isn’t being exercised it may be lost

    I think if people would just tell the truth about drugs we would have much better control over their usage.

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