June 15, 2009 – Hour 1

Today’s show started with a brief discussion with Senator Ben Cardin about today’s headlines, including Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that he could accept a Palestinian state, and the future of the American health care system.
Then, we discussed the protests following the Iranian Presidential election with a panel of experts.
Our guests were:

Phyllis Bennis, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, a fellow at the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam, and a long time analyst, writer and activist around middle eastern issues.

Shiva Balaghi, a member of the editorial committee at the Middle East Report, Vice President of the American Institute of Iranian Studies, and author of Iran: Art Society and Revolution, Saddam Hussein: A Biography, and an upcoming book on modern Iranian cultural history.

William Kern, editor of Worldmeet.us, a website that publishes English translations of international news stories.