July 15, 2009 – Hour 2

It’s no mystery that the United States healthcare system is ailing. About 45 million Americans don’t have health insurance. Vets returning from Iraq struggle to receive sufficient treatment for the physical and mental tolls taken on them during deployment. Unexpected medical bills contributed significantly to the house foreclosure crisis. Millions of families around the country are struggling under the weight of climbing healthcare expenses, sometimes even when they have coverage.
Today, Marc broadcasts live from the main campus of Sheppard-Pratt Health System, in Towson. In our live panel, we had Sen. Barbara Mikulski; Steven S. Sharfstein, President and CEO of Sheppard-Pratt Hospital System; State Senator Dolores Kelly and former Maryland Governor, Bob Ehrlich. They discussed the ways they’d like to see the system revamped, the possibilities for change in a new presidential administration and debate the impact of healthcare expenses on employers.

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