January 7 2009

The show began with a conversation with Dr. Howard Gardner, one of the most celebrated educational thinkers alive today.  His theory of multiple intelligences is a critique of the idea that there is a single human intelligence that can be measured by a single assessment.  He was invited onto the show to discuss his article in Scholastic Magazine in which he was invited to offer advice to President-elect Obama.  His advice?  Do nothing.  You can read the article, along with responses from other educational thinkers, at the Scholastic Magazine website by clicking here.


Then, Charles Murray, the controversial author of the book The Bell Curve, joined Marc to argue that President-elect Obama should use his prestige to undermine the bachelor’s degree as a job qualification. He argues that a job system that insists candidates have a bachelor’s degree is unfair to people who can’t hack, afford, or who simply don’t desire a college education.  He made this point in a recent op-ed for The New York Times.  You can read his article by clicking here.