January 6, 2009

NOTE: Due to transmitter issues we lost some of today’s broadcast. As today’s show featured two pre-recorded interviews, we were able to reconstruct most of the first half, but be aware there will not be a transition between interviews or at the break. The full broadcast resumes immediately after the break.

Today, Marc discusses the conflict in Gaza in a series of interviews.

First, we’ll here from Marth Myers, Country Director for CARE in Gaza and the West Bank. We spoke to Martha from Jerusalem a few hours before the broadcast.

Gila Svirsky, an Israeli peace activist and co-founder of Women In Black, spoke to us yesterday from Jerusalem.

After the break, we spoke live by telephone with Aron Raskas, who serves on the Executive Committee of the Orthodox Union, a national Jewish organization, and on the Board of Directors of the National Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

We closed with a conversation with Ashraf Khalil, Jerusalem correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.