Haitian Migrant Workers In The Dominican Republic Facing Deportation

Haitian migrant workers in Dominican RepublicJune 17, 2015 – Segment 4

We turn to the Dominican Republic, where hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, 90% of whom are Haitian, are facing deportation.

With: Ezili Danto, President of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network in New York; Dr. Ray Winbush, Director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University; Silvio A Torres-Saillant, Professor of English at Syracuse University, former head of the Latino-Latin American Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse, and Founder of La Casita Cultural Center and the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute; and Dr. Kiran Jayaram, faculty member in the Department of History and Philosophy at the York College of the City University of New York.