From the Archives: Looking Back at the Youth Jail Debate

youthjail1May 21, 2015 – Segment 3

In light of the fact that last week Maryland state officials approved $30 million for a new youth jail facility, we examine the history of the debate over a youth jail in Baltimore. We dug into our archives from November 2012 so that we could play you an excerpt of our coverage from the last time this motion was on the table, addressing the alternatives that exist and the complexities around the Department of Justice mandate. In 2012 what was being considered was a brand new, massive $70 million youth detention facility.

You will hear from: the Rev. Heber Brown,community activist, pastor of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church and Executive Director of Orisha’s Cross Freedom School; Dayvon Love, Director of Research and Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle; Nicole Cheatham and Shaquille Carbon, student leaders at Baltimore Algebra Project; and former Maryland stateDelegates Aisha Braveboy and Heather Mizeur. To listen to the full segment, click here.