February 26, 2009

Today, the Marc Steiner Show took a look at Baltimore’s new Sustainability Plan and what it means for the city. Is the plan bold enough? Will the city be able to afford the plan in this time of economic struggle? Furthermore, what would a truly sustainable city look like?

Today’s studio panel includes:

We switched gears for the second segment of today’s show, as we spoke with Baltimore peace activist, Ms. Ellen Barfield, in regards to a Baltimore Sun article which references the arrests of two Baltimore men accused of participating in an assisted-suicide.  Dr. Lawrence D. Egbert and Nicholas Alec Sheridan were arrested February 25, 2009 and now face the aforementioned charges.


On the final segment of today’s show, we took a tour through Baltimore’s African American heritage sites.  Check out Urbanite writer Lionel Foster’s article on his experience touring these same sites.