February 12, 2009

President Barack Obama has said often that he is deeply influenced by President Abraham Lincoln.  He has quoted Lincoln in speeches and read his biography and letters while he was President-elect.  Lincoln’s "Team of Rivals" was an inspiration for his own bipartisan cabinet. The theme of his inauguration, "A New Birth of Freedom" was taken from a line in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. All of this Presidential attention has given President Abraham Lincoln a new vitality in American life.

Who is the man behind all this myth?   On President Lincoln’s 200th birthday, Marc and his guests discuss the legacy of the nation’s 16th President.  Marc was joined by Dr. Lawrence Peskin of Morgan State University, Dr. William Evitts of Johns Hopkins, MICA, and Towson University, and Dr. Jelani Cobb of Spelman College whose blog is called American Exception


At the top of the hour, Marc spoke with Tom Kiefaber of the Senator Theater about the great benefit concerts taking place this weekend at the Theater.  Click here for more information!