February 1, 2010 – Hour 2

In the second hour of the Marc Steiner Show, the conversation on Baltimore’s next City Council President continues with Anthony McCarthy, Catalina Byrd of On Point, Julie Scharper of the Baltimore Sun, and Hassan Giordano, host of Speaking Right to the issues on WOLB radio.

Next, it’s no holds barred with Charles Robinson, political reporter for State Circle on Maryland Public Television. Charles joins Catalina, Anthony and Marc in a frank discussion of potential candidates in the upcoming governor’s race.

A look back at the first civil rights sit-ins finishes out the last hour as we mark the 50th anniversary of this movement. Margaret Flowers, co-chair of  Maryland Physicians for a national Health Program imparts her experience being arrested for attempting to have her voice heard in the health care debate. Marc, Anthony and Dr. Flowers discuss the state of protests in 2010.