Families Of Baltimore Men Killed By Police Create Community Park

Site of the CommUnity ParkAugust 29, 2013 – Segment 3

We hear from families who have had family members killed by the police in Baltimore and who are working to create a CommUnity park in the vacant lot where one of the men was killed.

Members of the families of Anthony Anderson, Sr., who was killed by the police on September 21, 2012 at the age of 46, and Tyrone West, who was killed by the same police unit on July 18th, share their stories and tell us about an event taking place this weekend on Anthony Anderson’s birthday:

The Anderson Family is inviting the people of Baltimore to join them on August 31, 2013, from 12PM to 8PM at East Biddle & North Montford, to celebrate the life of Anthony Anderson, on what would have been his 47th birthday. They plan to bring life back to the vacant lot where he was killed, by turning the abandoned field into a CommUnity Park. They will be spending the day cleaning the lot and planting flowers, vegetables, and trees while distributing free food and books to the community. They will also use the opportunity to demand a fair investigation into the death of Tyrone West.