Everyman Theater Panel: The Roommate & Journeys of Transformation

World of The Play (Credit: EveryMan Theater Site)November 18, 2016 – Segment 2

 We play a segment from a panel discussion I moderated for Everyman’s World of the Play series. We discuss themes that are in the play The Roommate. We speak with: Johanna Gruenhut, Director of The Roommate and Artistic Associate at Everyman, Caprece Jackson-Garrett, owner of Bonneau Caprece LLC, a public relations, strategic marketing and event production firm and The Rev. Merrick Moses, ordained Old Catholic Priest, writer, community activist and teacher living in Baltimore, Maryland.

 This play analyzes what happens when two women’s worlds collide. Everyman Theatre brought together a panel of dynamic people across generations who reflect and share personal journeys of transformation.

The Roommate is currently being staged at Everyman Theater until November 27th.