Ellen Siegel: Picture Kindness, On Behalf Of Refugees In Lebanon

Ellen SiegelJune 24, 2016 – Segment 4

We close the show with Ellen Siegel, who remembers the 1982 Sabra and Shatila Massacre. Siegel first visited Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon in 1972. Since that time she has been an active member and supporter of the Jewish and Israeli peace movements, and has supported the Palestinian solidarity cause. She volunteered her nursing services in 1982 during Israeli’s war on Lebanon. She worked in Gaza Hospital, Sabra refugee camp in Beirut and was present during the massacre. She testified before the Kahan Commission of Inquiry. She continues to work part-time as a nurse iand serves on the Medical Committee of the American Near East Refugee Aid.
Picture Kindness, an open house fundraising event on behalf of refugees in Lebanon, will take place on Saturday June 25th from 4 to 8pm at the XOL Gallery located at 830 Park Avenue in Baltimore. More information is available from Ronda Cooperstein at 410-486-6307. All funds will directly benefit refugees via the work of Ellen Siegel in coordination with socialcare.org.