Educators For Democratic Schools: Baltimore Teachers Dissatisfied With Contracts

Baltimore Teachers Dissatisfied with ContractsJune 14, 2013 – Segment 4

Baltimore City educator and writer Iris Kirsch joins us to talk about a recent survey conducted by the Educators for Democratic Schools that indicates many teachers are dissatisfied with their current contracts.



Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Mrs Williams says:

    ALL Educators need to stand up and speak out AGAINST this so called pay for performance reform. Education is the only human service field in which the provider’s compensation will be based upon the success of the receipant. Does a doctor after proper treatment of a patient, receive less money if the patient remains ill? Should social workers receive a pay cut because homelessness is on the rise? Is a police officer’s salary based upon the number of successful arrests or should he/she receive a bonus? Undoubtedly the answer to these questions are NO, however there is a national movement to equate educator pay with student success and the BTU is at the forefront of this attack against Educators.

    The BTU made history with a landmark contract (that was first voted down by the membership), that ties in student achievement with teachers compensation. It also allows teachers to move up the pay scale at their own pace. The current BTU contract claims it is responsible for elevating teachers pay, when it actually has limited the ability of teachers and teacher level staff such as School Counselors to move up on the current pay scale or move to Model status. In former years, all teachers and teacher level staff would earn movement on the pay scale ( a small raise) by earning a performance evaluation rating of Satisfactory or Proficient. Under the current contract movement can only occur when 12 AU’s are earned. A rating of Proficient = 12 AU’s while a Satisfactory rating = 9 AU’s . Teachers and teacher level staff can also earn AU’s through earning college credits and completing workshops. For example a educator can move up on the scale as long as they are earning AU’s (completing college credits) without ever making any type of positive impact on students (poor evaluation). The current contract is limited and its scope, it’s limited in its implementation, and most important it has not been successful in promoting teachers or student achievement.

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