DOJ Roundtable: Consent Decree Reviews

Jeff Sessions (Credit: Right Wing Watch)April 5, 2017 – Segment 2

Our guest host is Dr. Karsonya “Kaye” Wise Whitehead, Associate Professor of Communication and African and African American Studies at Loyola University Maryland and author of a number of books including My Black Sons: Raising Boys in a Post-Racial America.

We hosted a DOJ Roundtable, focused on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ order of a review of federal agreements and consent decrees across the country.

With: Monique Dixon, Deputy Director of Policy for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund; Ray Kelly, Director of Community Relations at the No Boundaries Coalition; Jacqueline Robarge, Founder and Director of Power Inside, a project of Fusion Partnerships; and Darlene Cain of Mothers on the Move, whose son was killed by Baltimore City police.