December 15, 2010 – Segment 3

Join us for a boat tour of the Sassafras River with Riverkeeper Jamie Brunkow.  He’ll guide us down the scenic waterway, explain what’s threatening life in the river and what we can do about it.

Then, we go to Chestertown, Maryland town hall to meet with a group of Chestertown residents, including Mayor Margo Bailey, who are working to build a more sustainable community. They found out their starting points for sustainability aren’t the typical green, environmentalist projects you might expect. Before they build more rain barrels or compost bins, they’re coming together to try to bridge the racial divide in Chestertown.

At the end of the hour, Tom Horton joins us from his canoe to explore the fragile and beautiful shorelines and riverbanks that form the edges of Delmarva, and why it’s important to protect the teeming life that calls them home.