Baltimore Mayoral Debate: ASK. LISTEN. VOTE: Solutions and Strategies for the Future

debateMarch 17, 2016 – Segment 1

We listen to the Baltimore Mayoral Debate that WEAA hosted last week at Morgan State University with our partners The Afro, City Paper, and The Spokesman. The theme for the event was “ASK. LISTEN. VOTE: Solutions and Strategies for the Future.” The debate was moderated by Marsha Reeves Jews, host of Keep It Moving With Marsha Jews on WEAA. Joining Marc in asking questions of the candidates were: Sean Yoes of WEAA’s First Edition and the Baltimore AFRO; Karen Houppert, Editor-in-Chief of City Paper; and Charles Ellison of and The Ellison Report on WEAA. The mayoral candidates who participated were: DeRay Mckesson, Nick Mosby, Sheila Dixon, Carl Stokes, Catherine Pugh, David Warnock, Elizabeth Embry, Patrick Gutierrez, and Calvin Young. The debate focused on four topics: Economic development, police policies, education and housing.