August 24th, 2009 – Hour 2

Marc was joined by Anthony McCarthy to discuss two of the top issues in the news.  They began with a look at the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s recent decision to accept actively gay ministers.  Vicar Krista Zimmerman from St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church joined them for that conversation.  Then, they discussed an incident that took place this weekend at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  Baltimore Raven’s rookie Tony Fein was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer.  Police were investigating a report of a group of men passing around an object that looked like a weapon.  The object turned out to be a cell phone, and Tony Fein reacted angrily after being questioned.  Was he the victim of racial profiling?  Is this an example of police officers going too far, or was Tony Fein in the wrong?  Many callers joined Marc and Anthony to share their opinion.