August 13, 2009 – Hour 1

In the show’s first hour, Marc sits down with a handful of guests to reminisce about Woodstock on the festival’s 40th anniversary. We are joined by Bob Hieronimus, a muralist and painter who is the host of 21st Century Radio, Michelle Hax, a writer and teacher whose story, A Nuerotic Child of God, is featured in Woodstock Revisited, Rozanne Reynolds, a paralegal whose story entitled, Grooving on the Weekends, is featured in Woodstock Revisited, Michael Sciulla, the editor and publisher for Boat U.S. magazine whose story, The Little Car that Could, is featured in Woodstock Revisted, and Steve Jones, a reporter for USA Today and author of the recent article Woodstock Through Another Lens published in AARP Bulletin Today.