Annapolis Update: Legislation To License Maryland’s Midwives

Midwives rally in AnnapolisApril 10, 2015 – Segment 4

We discuss legislation to license midwives in the state, with:  Alexis Richardson, Certified Professional Midwife and President of the Association of Independent Midwives of Maryland; and Shiopei Low, who has delivered two babies at home with Certified Professional Midwives.


Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Mercedes Thomsen says:

    I am the woman with whom Alexa was working with during this segment. I would first like to thank you for enlightening the public on this extremely important issue and for taking the time to ask some really great questions surrounding this subject.
    Second, I would like to express how appreciative I am for women, like Alexa, who are genuinely dedicated to helping other women experience the empowering act of real, natural childbirth, without unnecessary medical interventions.

    The child I delivered shortly after this segment, with the help of my wonderful midwives, was born in a way that I am truly proud of. After which, I climbed out of the birth tub with my beautiful baby girl, and got back into my own comfortable bed.
    The birth of my first child, who was born at GBMC, where they currently have a staggering 52% cesarian rate, was born by an unnecessary and forced cesarian to my healthy 23 year old body. It was completely traumatic and left me feeling as though I would never be the same-physically or mentally.
    You can imagine that when I became pregnant again at 28, how adamant I was that there was no way I would voluntarily go back to a hospital.
    Because of my previous cesarian, it was nearly impossible to find the kind of care I wanted for this birth. After exhausting all legal options, I began calling midwives out of state in desperation, hoping to find someone to attend my out of hospital VBAC. Thankfully, I got a response from a midwife in West Virginia who gave me the contact information for a practice of CPMs in Baltimore. It just so happened that they were less than 4 miles from my home and came highly recommended AND they were willing to attend my low risk VBAC! I was elated and now that I have had the birth that I always wanted (being born at home myself), I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Plus, the perpetual discomfort surrounding my incision area from the c-section has disappeared and I feel completely whole again. My most enormous thanks to Alexa and her practice for giving back what was rightfully mine! And thanks again to you for helping us pursue the attainment of legal choices surrounding the birth of our children!!

    Oh, and did I mention that the horrendous and traumatic hospital cesarian cost around $35,000 while my earthshaking, empowering home-birth, during which Alexa and her team stayed by my side for over fourteen hours, cost around $3,500. This is one case that is contrary to the typical idea “you get what you pay for”… I wish I could have given the midwives $35,000!!

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