2014 Sochi Olympics: Hunger Games and the Geopolitics of Russia

2014 Sochi Winter OlympicsFebruary 10, 2014 – Segment 4

We talk with former Olympic athlete Samantha Retrosi about her recent article in The Nation, “Why the Olympics Are a Lot Like ‘The Hunger Games.'” Retrosi competed in women’s singles luge at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. Since her retirement in 2007, she has been active in the struggle for social justice and human rights, including the Occupy movement. She is currently a graduate student in George Mason University’s Department of Sociology.

Then, we continue with a panel of guests who examine the politics of the Olympics. The panel includes: Dr. Brian Glyn Williams, professor of Islamic History at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth; Carol J. Williams, Senior International Affairs Writer for the Los Angeles Times; and Charles “Sam” Faddis, retired CIA operations officer and author of many books, including, most recently, the novel Caffa.