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The Future of the Labor Movement in America

Unite Here BWI Airport WorkersApril 14, 2014 – Segment 3

We discuss the state of the labor movement in Maryland and beyond. We are talking with labor activists and workers involved in a number of struggles, including individuals who work at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, former Sparrows Point employees, and a person who is organizing community college employees. Our guests include:

  • Syndicated columnist and author Bill Fletcher, who is Senior Scholar at Institute for Policy Studies;
  • Carietta Hiers, longtime SEIU 1199 organizer at the Johns Hopkins Hospital who has been present at the ongoing contract talks between the workers at the hospital;
  • Jeff Singer, founder and former executive director of Health Care for the Homeless and instructor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work.
  • Mike Lewis, former Sparrows Point steelworker;
  • Kim Jensen, poet, author, and associate professor of English at the Community College of Baltimore County helping to organize professors and adjuncts;
  • Sam Williamson, bartender and server at Creative Food Group at the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and a leader of Unite Here Local 7;
  • Anthony Coates, Local President of AFSCME Local 647, Baltimore City Housing Authority;
  • Paul Williams, Local Vice President of AFSCME Local 647, Baltimore City Housing Authority;
  • and Lucky Crosby, Sr., maintenance mechanic who has worked for the Baltimore City Housing Authority for a decade.


Johns Hopkins Hospital Workers On Strike

Johns Hopkins Hospital Picket LineApril 14, 2014 – Segment 2

We talk to Johns Hopkins Hospital workers on strike about what they are fighting for and their conditions working at a world-class institution. Joining us are Daniel Roberts, member of SEIU Local 1199 and a transporter who’s been at Johns Hopkins Hospital for a year-and-a-half making $12.50 an hour; Carietta Hiers, longtime SEIU 1199 organizer at the Johns Hopkins Hospital who has been present at the ongoing contract talks between the workers at the hospital; and Jeff Singer, founder and former executive director of Health Care for the Homeless and instructor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work.

We also hear a sound from the picket line recorded Friday outside of Johns Hopkins where we talk to workers and supporters.


Get Up, Stand Up! This Week In Social Movements & Protests Across The Country

SyriaSeptember 6, 2013 – Segment 3

It’s time for our weekly segment Get Up, Stand Up! with Rose Aguilar, host of Your Call on KALW in San Francisco, where we learn about the social movements and protests taking place this week across America. We discuss citizens across the country expressing their opposition to a war in Syria, Walmart workers on strike, Labor Day marchers demanding higher pay, and more.


Happy Labor Day! The State Of Labor In 2013 Featuring Our Favorite Labor Songs

Walmart Workers ProtestSeptember 2, 2013 – Hours 1 & 2

Happy Labor Day! We celebrate with a 2-hour special of interviews and music. You will hear local activists, union members, and workers talk about what Labor Day means in 2013 and what major challenges workers face across the country, interspersed with songs by Woody Guthrie, Bo Diddley, Tracy Chapman, Joan Baez, and others.

Our guests include: Bill Barry, retired Director of Labor Studies at the Community College of Baltimore County and author of Union Strategies for Hard Times and From First Contact to First Contract: A Union Organizer’s Handbook; Cory McCray, an organizer for his local union and co-founder of B.E.S.T. Democratic Club; Jasmin Jones, server and union leader at Duclaw, operated by Aeroservices Group at BWI Airport; and Mike Hachey, organizer with Unite Here! Local 7.


To see our playlist of songs from this episode, click “More…” below.

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Sound Bites: Warehouse-Raised Fish | McDonald’s & Fast Food Workers | Farmer Profile: Charles Wright

A Baltimore lab aims to take the science of growing clean, healthy salt-water fish to the global marketplaceJuly 30, 2013 – Hour 2

On a new edition of Sound Bites, we ask the question: as our waterways become more polluted, will fish be raised in warehouses in our citiesVan Smith, senior staff writer for the Baltimore City Paper, and Dr. Yonathan Zohar, professor and chair of the Department of Marine Biotechnology and head of the Aquaculture Research Center at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology at UMBC, join us to discuss the future of fish.

Then Mother Jones food and agriculture blogger Tom Philpott joins us to talk about the latest on McDonalds and fast food workers. He also shares a recipe for gazpacho, a cold, refreshing, tomato-based soup.

We conclude Sound Bites with a profile of an Eastern Shore man who is still farming the land that has been in his family for generations: Charles Wright, owner of Wright’s Market and Cornerstone Farms.


Sound Bites: Shirley Sherrod, a St. Patrick’s Day Recipe and More!

Shirley Sherrod, The Courage to Hope

March 14, 2013 – Segment 3

This week on Sound Bites, we start with a conversation about the poor working conditions in America’s restaurant industry, with activist, author, and professor Saru Jayaraman. Jayaraman’s new book, Behind The Kitchen Door, asks how restaurant workers survive on some of the lowest wages in America and investigates how this fact impacts the food arriving at our tables.

Then, Shirley Sherrod, former US Department of Agriculture official and author of The Courage To Hope: How I Stood Up to the Politics of Fear, shares her experience growing up in the segregated South and fighting for farmer’s rights.

Next Tom PhilpottMother Jones Food and Agriculture Blogger, talks to us about two recent studies: one on sugar and one on the Mediterranean diet. Could the amount of sugar a nation consumes per-capita drive instances of diabetes?

We end the show with a traditional Irish recipe in honor of St. Patrick’s Day from Liam Flynn, owner of Liam Flynn’s Ale House on North Avenue in Baltimore. Click here to see the recipe for colcannon.