The Marc Steiner Show

October 8, 2008

Marc and his guests discussed last night’s riveting second presidential debate between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain. The discussion in the studio was almost as heated as the debate itself. Did McCain condescend to Obama? Did the candidates skirt the questions? Did Obama connect with the audience? What real concrete plans were presented?

The guests were:

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. In the first two presidential debates, I gave McCain major points for being able to stay awake for 90 minutes without a nap. I thought he might not be able to do that, based on a couple of incidents from 2007.

    Even though I gave McCain a headstart on points, there is no way I can conclude that he won either debate "on points."

  2. Governor Palin (not to be confused with Michael Palin, an indubitably cool dude) is a GOPAC-trained politician. She would be Tom Delay with lipstick if she knew anything about anything. McCain chose her precisely because she is Republicanism-as-usual. Contrary to campaign propaganda, she is not a maverick, nor a change agent.

    McCain loves Sarah Palin because xenophobes, racists, and American Exceptionalists love her. I also think she is a great Republican VP choice. In the greater voter community, McCain loses votes every time Palin opens her mouth.

    Kevin, where ya been, man? Palin is an energy expert? Pshaw. She knows about pipelines, but she is ignorant about transmission lines. She knows drill baby drill, but she knows nothing about the new energy economy. She has nothng to say about how to get wind electricity from Montana to Minneapolis or Denver, nor about how to get solar electricity from Texas or the Mojave to Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, or Oklahoma City.

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