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October 16, 2012 – Segment 1

On November 6, Maryland voters will make a decision on hotly contested  referendums including Question 6, a ballot initiative which could determine the fate of same sex marriage in Maryland. Our panel of local pastors will dissect the pros and cons of this landmark legislation.


We will be joined by:

  • Rev. Jamal BryantSenior Pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore
  • Rev. Heber Brown, Senior Pastor at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church
  • Rev. Brad Braxton, Senior Pastor of The Open Church
  • Rev. Todd Yeary, Senior Pastor of the Douglas Memorial Community Church

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. I’d like to wish everyone a good evening. I am a first time writer to the Marc Steiner show and there could be no better topic to comment on than one that goes to the heart of faith based matters.

    There is a contention within me, to start, for the deceptive language and terminology in which Question 6 is being proposed. The language of Question 6 could have been written far simpler than what is being given to the public. Synoptically, the authors of this question seem to have within their intentions a desire to “grossly mislead” the public at hand, and to cause them to have to do a second take with respect to the language of the referendum itself. It is very easy to deceive the public into believing that they are voting for one thing when the language is deceptive enough to get them to vote for the other thing. A person who is against homosexuality could very well find themselves voting for homosexuality because of the language of this referendum. Please recall when this issue came up in California, how the verbiage was written in a way to, once again, deceive individuals into voting against their interest. The other point that I would like to make, briefly, is that a “man of the cloth” has no business supporting any homosexual agenda when he claims that the Bible is the central “guideline” of his faith. Supporting how two men decide to have sexual relations together is not scriptural and is not our mission as believers in the one God. Men of the cloth do not have the option of separating themselves from the Commandments at election time or when the going gets tough. The example of the woman who was caught in adultery is not a pass for homosexuality. He told her to go and sin “No More”. It is also written that a sinner (one who violates and practices the violation of the law of God) will not, in any wise, inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though I am not Christian, I agree with Pastor Jamal Bryant’s take on this issue. We are begging for the wrath of God to fall upon us when we put our hands to this issue. The old cliche is “come as you are”, not “stay as you are”. Change is expected of a person caught in a sinful lifestyle and we who believe in God have to make sure, just the same, to despise the acts of sinners, but to leave the door open for “redemption from the sin”.

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