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School Violence: Dr. Andres Alonso

The question of whether or not enough is being done to keep students and teachers safe in Baltimore City Public Schools is being asked a lot lately, ever since art teacher Jolita Berry was attacked by a student in the classroom, and students later uploaded videos of the beating to video sharing websites.

We sat down with Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Dr. Andres Alonso to find out what his plans for reducing school violence are.

Running time is 51 minutes. Let us know what you think!



Andres Alonso with Marc Steiner in his North Avenue office

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. So when will the principal of Reginald Lewis be removed? Or is this another example of **** rolling downhill and the upper level positions are left alone?

  2. We all know how critically principals and teachers affect educational success. I have always wanted Team Steiner to ferociously attack the huge topic of teacher education and educational professionalism. You haven’t scratched the surface. Or have you?

    Why isn’t Maryland known to be the national leader in teacher education? Or are we? How many teachers are graduated by Maryland schools every year? Is that enough? If not, what would be required to increase the number? Is the quality of teacher education by Maryland schoolds appropriate or adequate? If not, what would be required to improve it.?

    What incentives exist to persuade Maryland-educated teachers to stay in Maryland? Do they work? If not, can they be improved?

    What are the contributions of the Community College of Baltimore and the University of Baltimore to meeting the needs of the Baltimore City school system?

    What programs are available to help principals become the principals Alonso wants and rightfully expects them to be? This seems a large challenge.

    What intensive summer-long courses are available to teachers and principals? Are these courses fully utilized? Can/should they be better, and more of them?

    Why wasn’t Willie Don placed in public stocks on Annapolis Circle when he closed Lida Lee Tall lab school at Towson? Why doesn’t every teacher-education program in Maryland have a lab school? Are lab schools useful?

    Add your own questions, I’m sure there are many more.



  3. I love you all, but you really need a content editor. Hire a grammarian to make sure that your modifiers aren’t misplaced, that your subjects and verbs agree and that you spell things correctly. It may seem petty, but poor grammar and bad typing can be a real turn-off if you want your content to be taken seriously. I’d be happy to volunteer to grammar-check your content, but, seriously, someone needs to do it.


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