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Iraq: The Real Cost of the War

What is the real cost of the Iraq War? According to the Bush administration, the tab so far totals over $500 billion dollars-10 times the $50 billion originally estimated.

Nobel Prize winner and former Chief Economist and Senior Vice-President of the World Bank Joseph Stiglitz says that number is outrageous-not because it’s so high, but because it’s so low. In a new book written with Linda Bilmes, he says the true cost of the war is going to be closer to three trillion dollars. He alleges that the Bush administration is playing with the numbers by only counting upfront costs-and not including other costs, such as health care for veterans and increased recruitment costs. He also confronts the idea that this war could actually provide a much needed stimulus for the American economy.

Joseph Stiglitz joined Marc Steiner by phone to explain how he came up with the three trillion dollar amount, and what he thinks needs to be done to ensure America’s financial security.

Running time is 34:12.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. thanks for the important interview with Stigletz on is new book Marc. He is one of many important sources of information about the disaster that the US is in due to the policies of the George W. Bush/Dick Cheyney adminisstration. I doubt that most Americans realize how desperate our situation has become and continues to be. As usual CEM provides us with the kind of information that we need as a society if strategies to deal with our situation are to be developed. This is the kind of discussion we should be hearing from the candidates and the kinds of questions from the media instead of the shameful spectacle of the ABC debate in PA. Thanks for all you do.

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