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Mayor Dixon Announces Her Resignation

Mayor Sheila Dixon’s pending resignation is a real tragedy both politically and personally.   

We don’t know the details of the bargain she made with the judge and the prosecutors, although that will all  come out shortly. My guess is that there will not be another trial and that she will fight to keep her  pension. I predict that she may run again in the future.

It is hard to say what a Stephanie Rawlings-Blake administration will be like. The hope is that she will  keep on some key personnel to make the transition easier for our city. However, rumors abound that Frederick  Bealefeld’s tenure as police commissioner will be short under acting Mayor Rawlings-Blake. Many feel that  the pending acting Mayor, along with her ally Governor Martin O’Malley, did want to see Bealefeld named  commissioner, that they favored former D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey. The commissioner believes that  public safety comes first and that massive arrests are not the way to ensure the safety of the public. He is  a tough, smart cop who needs the years ahead of him to turn the culture of the department around.

I have questioned Mayor Dixon about her integrity on my program on such issues as voting on the Board of  Estimates to give contracts to Utech (a company that employed her sister), taking free tickets to an event  at 1st Mariner Arena, and awarding a computer contract to her campaign manager–if you remember, a contract  paid out in sums small enough to not have to be disclosed officially. But she was not indicted for any of  those events. She was indicted for perjury because she did not disclose fur coats given to her by her  boyfriend, albeit a contractor. She was found guilty of taking less than $600 in gift cards. What happened  in the state prosecutor’s office that they could not indict her on issues of substance?!  

The mayor has made some bad personal blunders. But I don’t think they merit her going to jail or having to  resign. She should have apologized to this city, and the whole mess should have been a matter for an ethics  hearing that could have forced her to repay the money and face the voters. I find using gift cards meant for  poor children to be abhorrent, but it’s hardly an offense worthy of resignation.

Having said that I do not think Mayor Dixon should go to jail over these offenses, I want to add that I  don’t think anyone else should, either. Thousands of people have languished in the Baltimore Detention  Center for stealing far less than the mayor did. This should be a call to reform our entire justice system.  

We will see what the administration of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake brings to us. More importantly, I hope we  see the people of this city bring something to her, to force some creative thinking about the problems we  face and to build our own dynamic future.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Marc – Why would EBAY be chosen for auctioning Sheila’s furs and other belongings?
    Why not use a local auctioneer like Rick Opfer? Who should I contact to suggest this?

  2. When you questioned Ms. Dixon abt her integrity, what did she say? What is not hard for me to understand is how officials can not speak the truth about themselves. Who else in this society does? athletes, media in general, talk show hosts? even artists? any one? My suspicion of adults has only been reinforced with age- I still feel like Holden Caulfield- that adults pretty much suck- hypocrites, do nothings, etc, etc.
    And I’m not ashamed to be negative, in this society of boosterism, puritanism, timidity skating and, to coin a word, “falsicity”.

    At the same time I can work hard for change and offer good suggestions. I can’t see why you wouldn’t want Ms. D to resign. It seems like you want to reinforce falsicity.

    some suggestions- wake up the city Ethics Board- Ms. Moore et al? They have really been aleep at the switch. Make the deals and contributions transparent- require people to vote like they do in Australia, have candidate forums where all candidates can speak- like Bon Kaufman was never allowed to.

    By the way- his memorial service at the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation was far more deserving of coverage than Ms. D’s step down…moving speeches by Michael Olesker, Michael Melic, Marion Bascom, etc. etc.

    by the way- yr. url and capchas are too difficult- u

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