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May 23, 2011 – Hour 2

Last Thursday President Obama gave an speech on the Arab Spring and the next steps towards building a lasting peace in the Middle East.  Join us for a discussion about his speech, the White House visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the way forward in the Middle East.  Joining us are:

Ali Zaghab – Palestinian-born local businessman

Steven David – Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. … failed to mention The Saudis, The UAE or Iran, countries where the quote/unquote “Arab Spring” has yet to take a significant hold. And in mentioning the ’67 borders, he has co-opted the historic step-by-step process that ususally occurs when a Middle East Peace Plan is discussed.


        The above two points may illustrate that there is No Middle East Peace Plan. After the unfortunate and near-irreplaceable deaths of two Richards (Parker<former ambassador and Middle East expert> and Holbrooke<career diplomat and architect of the 1995 Bosnia peace plan>) we have the ineffective activity of Ambassador James Cunningham in the region, the steeping down of Jim Steinberg and the nomination of Dan Shapiro to the post. These actions offer a token effort towards the Peace Process, and offers a glimpse into the machinations of the burgeoning Military industrial Complex.


        Sure the pedigrees exist, but the emphasis seems to stress urgency at the expense of expediency, aggression with a noted lack of delicacy and a decided lack in a modicum of legitimate diplomacy. 



        Waging Peace is tricky. and definitely less profitable than the alternative. So is entertaining the instability to the Status Quo which would definitely occur should the “Arab Spring” take hold in Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Iran …or Israel.  

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