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March 11, 2010 – Segment 1

We open tonight with a new segment, "Your Money Matters" with Bert Hash. Today, we explore the difference between banks and credit unions. Which is right for you?

Next, Marc debates the recent controversy surrounding the Velvet Rope Nightclub in downtown Baltimore. Last Thursday, a near-riot culminated in two men getting shot and wounded. A week before that, angry patrons stormed the doors over a sold-out concert. Police are calling for the closing of the club; members of the community are concerned that it would be a major hit to local economy besides being a potential case of racial profiling. The Velvet Rope is one of Baltimore’s largest clubs. Is it too large? Do our nightclubs need more restrictions, in the interest of public safety–and if so, what kind? 

Our panel includes:

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. This seems a very clear case. Where is the responsibility for this incident and incidents like these??

    Of course the club should take responsibility for this. They overbooked the club, they are creating noise violations in an area where people are trying to get some sleep (not only causing the city to lose money, but also just showing no respect for their community), they verily create this kind of atmosphere where violence and anger boils over.

    The city has met with the club owners numerous times (giving the club a fair chance to clean up its act), and the club has routinely chosen not to take responsibility for its actions.

    So, in light of all of this. Should they be shut down? Yes. Of course. It is lunacy to stand by and watch people add to the violence and fear of Baltimore City. If the club owners really wanted to contribute to Baltimore City they would have behaved differently and would be behaving differently now.

    I live in Baltimore, but countless times I have spoken to people living outside of the city who have very stubborn misconceptions/prejudices about Baltimore City. I try to disabuse them, but when we create an atmosphere like this in our City, we make everyone look bad AND we strengthen these outsiders fears.

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