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June 27, 2011 – Segment 4

Israel has enforced a naval, aerial and land blockade of the Gaza Strip since June 2007, cutting off the delivery of foreign goods to the area. Multiple attempts have been made by international organizations to bypass Israeli enforcement through the use of independent flotillas, but these attempts have been mostly unsuccessful. Another flotilla organized by humanitarian activists has set sail this week, prompting a swirl of controversy in the international community. Israel is threatening to stop the fleet by any means necessary, but activists are still set on trying to break the blockade.

Joining us to discuss this issue are:

Medea Benjamin – activist and founder of Code Pink, will be travelling on the flotilla this week

Melissa Lane – activist from Washington, D.C. who will be travelling on the flotilla this week

Alan Elsner – Senior Director, Communications and Research for The Israel Project

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Hi Mark,
    I am wondering why you decided to have these guests speak separately? And why did your third guest have twice the amount of air time as your first two? I find that the pro-Israeli narrative is fraught with omissions and facts of the suffering of actual PEOPLE. They (pro-Israeli speakers) consistently leave out the human element of the conflict, and only spout legal abstractions (which are often wrong and non-factual).

    I’ve listened to many debates on this topic, and they almost always get out of hand. And perhaps your decision was more an editorial one to avoid the grating sound of two people talking over each other. However, there is much depth and richness in the chaos. I find it brings in a third element: an emphasis on the conflict aspect of it. There are strong sentiments on both sides, and the main stream media often drowns out the despair and suffering of the PEOPLE living these atrocities on the ground.

    Related to this topic, I would love if you had a show where your guests discuss/debate the concept of the “Nakba” and what it implies for both sides of this conflict. That word just speaks VOLUMES! Volumes, I say. It would be a good segment…

    Thanks for your great program. I am a steady listener.

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