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July 5, 2012 – Segment 1

Eureka! Today on the Steiner Show, we will focus on the latest discovery of Higgs Boson, and how the particle answers questions on how the universe was created. Joining us will be Professor Keith Jackson, professor and Chair of the Physics Department at Morgan State University.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. I hope the next time the Mark Steiner Show deside to deal
    with the issue of Particles and the Universal beginning and
    make up,far deeper mathematical design will be included.
    Something missing from CERN discovery.With the advant of
    the extreme use of the numeral zero levels applied to
    particles has link to key parts to the universe make up.

  2. IT is asking too much of Morgan State and WEAA to debate
    why atomic/Nuclear Supremacy is more relevant than HIGGS
    BOSON.Explain why there is zero discussion about how more
    powerfull and much smaller atomic/Nuclear energy design has

  3. I like the show about HIGGS BOSON and CERN advancement
    with particles.But the expirement did not advance particles
    to extreme universal atomic mass.Under a far extreme
    mathematical design particles numeral mass has informational data link to areas of space not exposed by
    CERN and the COLLIDER expirement.One would think that
    educator’s at Morgan State would want to be exposed to the
    deeper advancement of particles.Rather than follow CERN
    so-called great discovery.

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