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January 19, 2010 – Hour 1

We’re joined in the studio by John Rich, author of Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Trauma and Violence in the Lives of Young Black Men.  Also joining us is Roy Martin, one of the young men Rich wrote about in his book, who is now a case manager at the Boston Public Health Commission.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. This is the subject myself and my 15- year old son often speak about

    My sons are Blessed they have mentors that often help them in our church but often they dont want to share problems that come into their lifes, and thats when I’m stepping in because  they dont want them to know about the problems they may be  going threw,   Our young men  face alot and Adults have to step-up both men and women ,I even feel if  male mentors are helping  my son’s then i should  be helping young woman   in some way. God Bless your programs Dr. Rich  and Mr.Martin God Bless you we must

    Help and encourage each other! thank you Mr.Steiner for picking such

    a powerful subject god Bless you also.




  2. I firmly believe that the route of violence stems from a lack of civility or “home training” as some of my relatives like to call it. We no longer have restraint in our society. Restraint is regarded as weakness instead of strength. We no longer teach that discretion is the better part of valor or that sometimes it’s better to just keep our mouths shut or walk away. Many of our young people have no self-respect, hence, no respect for others. Respect must be taught. As someone who has taught in the public school system I can tell you that our young people are not learning these lessons at home.

    There’s a line from the film, No Country for Old Men, that says, “Once you stop hearing ‘Sir’ and ‘Maam’ the rest is soon to follow.” How sad. How true.

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