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Questions for Mayor Dixon

On April 21st, we’re going to City Hall to interview Sheila Dixon, Mayor of Baltimore. So, send us questions that you want the Mayor to answer. You have issues in your neighborhood, bring them up. Questions about any policy issues, or crime or poverty? You can send us political questions about Annapolis and the coming Presidential election. They are all fair game. We may not be able to take your calls, but we can take your questions. We’ll use them to help plan our interview, which will of course be available right here as a CEM podcast. Thanks!!

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. Please ask her how she plans to bring Baltimore’s population back up. Lots of hip young people WANT to live in the city, but are worried about property taxes and so they buy homes outside. What programs are available to help first time homeowners afford homes in the city?

  2. Please ask her about her blatant flip-flop on slots. She contended that she was against slots in the city during her mayoral campaign. Before she was even officially sworn in as mayor, she was down in Annapolis lobbying the Maryland General Assembly to put slots in Baltimore…and, not just IN Baltimore, but at a specific location in southwest Baltimore on the exact piece of land that she had just awarded exclusive land rights to developer Sam Polakoff of Comony Inc. Ask Dixon , not only, why, but how she could claim the city will use revenues collected from the planned slots facility to cut property taxes of city residents when the city will essentially only be a landlord to Comony Inc. which will receive the slots revenue as owner of the slots facility. Ask Dixon why she sold city resident out so quickly and so cheaply. Thank you.

  3. How about putting our focus on solving solvable problems? Let’s turn Baltimore into THE model green city of the east coast. Build civic pride, save the bay, improve citizens’ health, impact the quality of life….. what’s to lose?

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