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August 4, 2011 – Segment 1

Ashley Hufnagel and Luis Larin, Leadership Organizers at the United Workers, came to the studio today to talk about the state of workers’ rights in the Inner Harbor.  

The United Workers, who are seeking improvements in the wages and benefits for workers at the Inner Harbor development, joined us to discuss a recent request from The Cordish Companies for a $3 million break in rent from the city.  The Baltimore Development Corporation, a non-profit that contracts with the city to provide development services, has held closed-door meetings with Cordish about their proposal, and the United Workers staged a protest outside of BDC offices to ask them to make all documents about their negotiations public.

BDC declined to participate in today’s show, and requests to the Mayor’s office and Cordish Companies were not answered.

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. How about opening the phone lines and letting the United Workers Representatives (Hufnagel and Larin) respond to the callers. It would peel back some aspect of the psyche of Baltimorians. Stir it up!!!

    Also make make more of the fact that the BDC and Cordish Companies didn’t want to “sack-up” and engage in this dialogue on the air with United Workers. Baltimore, a great city, has to live down the image left by “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll” (Dylan).

    Marc, bring everyone to the table…and if they don’t come
    go after them.

    Thanks for putting this issue before us!!!

    Paul Hufnagel
    New Orleans, La.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comment!  This segment was prerecorded, so unfortunately we couldn’t add callers to it, but we’re looking forward to coming back to this topic now that we’re back live in the evening!



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