The Marc Steiner Show

August 18, 2009 – Hour 1

The public option aspect of the health insurance reform plan is in jeopardy. Marc and his guests discuss what reform without a public option would mean for Americans.

Today’s panel included:

Written by Marc Steiner

Marc Steiner

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  1. I wanted to thank Dr. Flowers for presenting such a researched, indepth, thorough and thoughtful discussion of how the Single Payer health care plan is really the only plan that will truly cover everyone and control costs. She clearly has examined existing plans in the United States and understands that in the long run they are not sustainable and don’t control costs. Single Payer is a plan that would do both. As a physician herself, she has seen first hand the disasterous effects our current health care system has on her patients. Mr. Demarco stated that she shouldn’t berate a”good” system just because it isn’t perfect. But isnt that what we want?: a system that is about as perfect as you can get. Comprehensive, caring, cost saving, everyone in, no one out. There is nothing being proposed that can come close to the Single Payer. Plan,

  2. Thanks to everyone for participating in the show. I favor Dr. Flowers’s single-payer plan.

    I agree with Mr. Demarco that polls show that most beneficiaries of commercial health insurance like their plans, but I think that’s a tribute to human inertia and deference to the American Medical Association more than anything else.

    How many would agree to so-called employer-paid benefits that instantly create a three-tier cost of labor, which is what commercial health insurance does? You, a part-timer, work for, say, $20 an hour; your colleague, a full-timer enrolled in an individual plan earns $22.75 an hour; your other colleague enrolled in a so-called family plan earns $26.00 an hour.

    Commercial health insurance is a deeply flawed product. What strong pro-universal health people ought to be thinking about after this umpteenth iteration of health care debate is the abolition of commercial health insurance contracts by Constitutional amendment or statute. Strong, explicit arguments that favor abolition can offer the public a civic education that the current debate has not.

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