Sound Bites: Chesapeake Bay Runoff and Waterwomen of the Chesapeake Bay


December 29, 2016 – Segment 2

We go back into our archives for the episode of Sound Bites where we discuss the December 2018 Federal government deadline for reducing runoff in the Chesapeake Bay, and steps that are being taken to meet it. We talk with: Scott Dance, who writes about the environment and the weather for The Baltimore Sun; and Carl Simon, Director of Programs at Blue Water Baltimore.
We also host a feature on Waterwomen of the Chesapeake Bay.With: Lydia Woolever, Associate Editor at Baltimore Magazine who wrote the July feature story “Waterwomen,” an in-depth look at a few fearless females who work the Chesapeake Bay themselves and, like their male counterparts, help keep the seafood industry alive; Jill Buck, waterwoman who has been on the water for six years after retiring from a career in childcare and who works as both a traditional waterwoman as well as a practicer of aquaculture; and Rachel Dean, a traditional waterwoman from Solomons Island and part-time high-school English teacher who is involved in waterman’s advocacy, two different fisheries commissions within the Maryland DNR, and Chesapeake Bay heritage tours.