Sound Bites: How Institutional Buying Practices Can Impact Local Farmers, Both Conventional & Non-Industrial

irrigationOctober 21, 2014 – Segment 3

In our latest episode of Sound Bites we examine the power of large institutions in purchasing food. We hear part of a discussion Marc moderated a couple weeks ago at the Maryland, Delaware and DC Chapter of the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professional’s annual “Workshop by the Sea” in Ocean City, Maryland. We discussed both conventional and non-industrial agriculture in the context of institutional food buying. The panel participated in a wide-ranging discussion about the benefits, challenges and future of both models.

With: Cleo Braver, certified organic farmer at Cottingham Farm, lawyer, and Founder of the Eastern Shore Food Hub; Joe Forsthoffer, Corporate Communications Director of Perdue Farms; Karen Jenkins, Administrator at the Genesis Hammonds Lane Center in Baltimore; Louise Mitchell, PT, Sustainable Foods Program Manager at the Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment and Regional Organizer for Healthy Food in Health Care and Health Care Without Harm; and Charles Wright, conventional farmer and owner of Wright’s Market in Wicomico County.

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