Sound Bites: Overfishing In The Bay? | Food And Faith

crabMay 20, 2014 – Segment 3

It’s the latest edition of our show on the food system and the food we eat, Sound Bites! Today we ask the question “Are the crabs and fish in the Chesapeake Bay being over-harvested?” Our debate over crabbing and fishing in the Chesapeake features: Gerald Winegrad, attorney and Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy where he has taught a graduate course on Chesapeake Bay Restoration since 1988; Brenda Davis, Natural Resources Biologist at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources; and Tom Parham, Environmental Specialist at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

We close out the show with the first part of a fascinating and inspiring panel discussion and town hall meeting held last week at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore, part of a series called Good Food Gatherings, in conjunction with Johns Hopkins’ Center for Livable Future Food & Faith Project and Interfaith Power & Light. The topic was Teaching Well: How can we educate our youth, adults, and communities about “good food?” The panelists were: The Reverend Dr. Heber Brown, pastor of Pleasant Hope and community leader; Ari Witkin, organizer, educator and facilitator; and Dr. Jeanette Hablullah, healer, author and Doctor of Naturopathy.