Sound Bites: Changes to Perdue’s Chicken Treatment Policies | Fracking & Radioactive Waste | Food Justice in Baltimore

Free-range chickens stand in a pen at an organic-accredited poultry farm in Germany.

September 29, 2016 – Segment 2

We bring a special selection from our Sound Bites archives today.

The show includes a talk with Perdue Farms and others about Perdue’s announcement earlier this week that they are adapting new, more humane, practices regarding the treatment of their chickens. With: Julie DeYoung, spokesperson for Perdue Farms; Ian Kullgren, POLITICO Pro Agriculture reporter; and Scott Edwards, Co-Director of the Food & Water Justice program at Food & Water Watch.

Next we turn to an environmental issue: How fracking produces tons of radioactive waste. With Jie Jenny Zou, reporting fellow for The Center for Public Integrity’s environment and labor team.

We close Sound Bites with a special segment produced by Baltimore Sound Society, asAdam Droneburg and Calvin Perry visit a food justice event at Baltimore’s Lexington Market.