Sound Bites: Bottled Water | Vegan Soul Fest

bottledwaterSeptember 3, 2015 – Segment 2

It’s a new episode of Sound Bites, our weekly look at food, agriculture and the environment on the Marc Steiner Show. We begin by looking at America’s growing love obsession with the most wasteful thing there is to drink: bottled water. With: Roberto Ferdman, journalist who covers food and economics for The Washington Post; Christopher Hogan, IOM Vice President of Communications for International Bottled Water Association; and Emily Wurth, Water Program Director for Food and Water Watch.
Then we’re joined by two of the organizers of this year’s Vegan Soul Fest: Brenda Sanders, Executive Director of the Better Health Better Life organization and one of the directors of Open the Cages Alliance, an animal advocacy organization in Baltimore that hosts the annual Vegan Living Program and does solidarity organizing with other social justice movements including Save The Kids and Black Lives Matter; and Naijha Wright, co-owner of Land of Kush.
The 2nd Annual Vegan Soul Fest will take place on Saturday, September 19th in Baltimore. More information available on their website