Sound Bites: Afroculinaria’s Michael Twitty | Building The Black Yield Institute For Black Food Sovereignty

Michael Twitty (Photo Credit: Afroculinaria)February 25, 2016 – Hour 2

On our newest edition of Sound Bites – our series about our food and our world – we begin the hour with my conversation with Michael Twitty, culinary historian of African and African American foodways, blogger at Afroculinaria, and recent TED fellow.
We close the show with Eric Jackson, Servant-Director of the Black Yield Institute, who tells us about Black food sovereignty. Black Yield Institute is an Action Network of Black people and entities that serve to catalyze action in the pursuit of Black food sovereignty in Black and poor Baltimore. The aim of Black Yield Institute is the pursuit of a united Black community in the process of building power through cooperative economics, social and cultural affirmation, political action and collective wellness practices.