African American history

November 14, 2014

African Americans and the War of 1812

November 12, 2014 - Segment 2 - Vince Leggett, historian, founder of Blacks of the Chesapeake, and author of “The Chesapeake Bay Through Ebony Eyes” joins us to talk about African Americans during the War of 1812. Vince Leggett will speak this weekend at the Creative Alliance.
September 7, 2014

Moment in Maryland Black History: Frederick Douglass Escapes To Freedom

September 3, 2014 - Segment 2 - Lisa Crawley, Resource Center Manager of the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History and Culture, shares a moment in Maryland Black History with us.
February 5, 2014

Black History Month? Black History 365 Days A Year?

February 5, 2014 - Segment 3 - We discuss Black History Month, including how Black History is taught, and whether it is constructive to set aside one month instead of highlighting Black History throughout the year. Our guests are: Dr. Karsonya "Kaye" Wise Whitehead, Assistant Professor of Communication and Affiliate Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies at Loyola University Maryland; and Dr. Ray Winbush, Director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University.
November 19, 2013

Dr. Philip J. Merrill’s “An Artifactual Journey: From Slavery to Civil Rights”

November 14, 2013 - Segment 3 - We talk with historian, writer, appraiser and collector Dr. Philip J. Merrill about an exhibit at Baltimore's Reginald F. Lewis Museum, The Kinsey Collection: Shared Treasures of Bernard & Shirley Kinsey - Where Art & History Intersect.