Beyond the Spin: Local Perspectives

September 13, 2012 – Hour 1 – Beyond the Spin this week will include a range of local perspectives from around the country on different issues relating to the 2012 elections.  Our guests give us a sense of how the United States is constantly changing through the lens of political and social shifts in their communities.  

We’ll hear about a Congressional swing district in a diverse region of west Texas, the economic reality in poor communities from the deep south to California, growing conservatism in Minnesota, and more.

Our guests are:

  • Tom Michael, General Manager of Marfa Public Radio in Marfa, Texas
  • Lydia Howell, host of Catalyst at KFAI in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Rose Aguilar, Host of Your Call Radio at KALW in San Francisco, California
  • Shedd Johnson, News Director at WVAS in Montgomery, Alabama