Beyond the Spin: Fracking in Longmont, Colorado

We bring you another episode of Beyond the Spin.

In Longmont, Colorado, the oil and gas industry has poured record amounts of money into a campaign to defeat a citizen-led ballot measure that would ban hydraulic fracturing or fracking within city limits. This city of just over 80,000 people, north of Denver has been at the heart of a debate over fracking regulations in the state.  We have a report from Maeve Conran, co-director of news at KGNU community radio.

With Election Day coming up Tuesday, and early voting already underway, we’ll also speak with community radio journalists from around the country about the Presidential election and some key state referendums.  Our guests are:

  • Sonya Green, News and Public Affairs Director, and Host of Music and Ideas, at KBCS in Bellevue, WA;
  • Molly Stentz, News and Public Affairs Facilitator at  WORT in Madison, WI;
  • Mitch Jeserich, Host of Letters and Politics at KPFA in Berkeley, CA;
  • and Samuel Orozco, founding executive producer of Noticiero Latino, a groundbreaking news service, and Línea Abierta, the first national call in show in Spanish, and News Director of Radio Bilingue since 1983.