Marc, liveblogging Wednesday night at Pepsi Center!

9:13 pm Clinton is here. This is wild-pandemonium. People are cheering louder and longer and madder than ever .. screaming yes yes yes" " .. waving American flags …

"I am here first to support Barack Obama" … wild cheers …

Clinton is amazing. Love him or hate him, he engaged at once.

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He smiles and bites that lower lip and the crowd swoons ..

Offered Obama their 18 million votes … that we will see if they come through with a commitment after Labor Day.

He is talking about Obama being the leader the world needs ..

OK OK Bill .. where you gonna take this?

His subtext is Hillary did want to be VP … this is a stronger endorsement than Hillary gave him …

10:07 pm "People are more impressed by the power of our example than the example of our power"… great quote from Bill Clinton.

Well he is not equivocating .. and Bill is lapping it up … but folks

people yell yes he can and he says "first we have to elect him"

He is outlining all the beliefs of the Dems and how to wage the
battle against the Republicans. The question is can the Democrats get
this message with this passion and succinct specificity to the people
of America ..

WOW … during the primary they said Barack was too inexperienced
but now he says that what he says that it wrong to say that about Obama
as it was when it said about him in 1992 …

He is undoing or seeming to undo all the negative things he said and did during the primary …


double message?

OK, he did it short sweet hard and to the point … these Democrats can’t be more pleased …


10:30 pm First, the military speakers were good and effective especially
Tammy Duckworth who was shot down in Iraq while piloting a Blackhawk
helicopter. She was real, not canned. Someone who had seen battle,
been badly wounded, met Barack Obama while wounded and made the
decision that as a military person the nation needed Barack Obama. As
Bob Sommerby said tonight on our radio show, the Democrats have no
shortage of stars. But can they do the trick after Labor Day. We will

Beau Biden really did a job introducing his Dad. Here he comes.
THey just hugged and kissed. So, now we have the best Dads in the
world ticket.


10:49 pm The state of deleware … the state of corporate America ..

When he introduced his mom and her face came up .. the crowd around me just said aww .. this is an aww moment …

They’re preaching, these speakers .. everyone is equal and no one is
greater than me … these guys are going to run on the American dream.

I never really heard Biden speak before but he does really know how to relate to hard working Americans.

But Joe, then why did you kowtow to MBNA in Delaware to support and
work for that bankruptcy reform bill that screwed millions of working
people, blue and white collar, in this country? Why did this son of the
working class from hardscrabble Scranton let himself be bought by the
corporate state of Delaware?

Everything he is saying about making this country right for working
people is right. Hope it is true from this man from the state of
Delaware … the state of corporate America.

He is on the attack .. More of the same is the campaign theme…Will it work? Does it work for you?

Barack Obama will cut taxes for 95% of the people … that is the
change we need. Is there a contradiction here talking about all this
investment in our country for alternative energy, for schools, for more
cops on the street, social security … and cut taxes …

The dream is great and McCain’s plan will drive us into greater debt than Obama’s but change cost change ..

Rumor has it that Barack is back stage…you heard it here

10:52 All the cameras have turned in the same direction and all the media studios below us are a buzz …

If he is here what is left for poor Bill Richardson to say

10:55 pm There he is …

10:59 I am smiling. I know I shouldn’t be, I am supposed to be objective … but there is something about this guy, about this week. Unity is what they want and they are working for it… diversity, working people, jobs,health care and new energy free of
oil ..

And there is a poor stadium guy trying to clear people off the steps and out of the arena .. good luck … poor guy .. let it go

11:04 ‘We are family’ is playing it is over poor bill richardson has been pushed till the morrow

night you all