Lea – Gallup Poll and Quick Thoughts

The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll today gives Obama 45% and McCain 44% of
This is a statistical dead heat. 

There is an element of concern here, in that the numbers are so close even
during the hype of the convention.  

Another thing, the Democrats, not realizing that Obama would raise an
enormous amount of funds, moved the convention up a while back to use primary
funds as long as possible. Well, an unfortunate error.  With only a week
between conventions now, there is really no time to enjoy the post
convention bounce given that the McCain campaign is set to announce his VP
choice, and the media will be moving on to the Twin Cities as soon as they shut
the lights on INVESCO.

There is an interesting issue out there for the Republicans – a hurricane is
forging towards New Orleans.  Given the disastrous and inhumane way the
Bush Administration handled post Katrina relief, the last thing they will be
wanting is a hurricane raging towards New Orleans during their big show.


From the Gallup Poll Editors Blog: Interesting…

Given the apparent adulation around Hillary Clinton in the convention
hall last night, it’s worth noting that the percentage of Obama primary voters
nationwide who harbor negative feelings about Clinton (32%) is much higher than
the percentage of Clinton primary voters who have a negative view of Obama

The above has not been something we have discussed.  We have focused on
the vocal minority of Clinton supporters who refuse to support Obama. This
offers some perspective. 

 Post convention, Democrats have to work hard at the grassroots level
to strengthen their base.  They have the goods.  The Obama campaign
is a tight machine with little internal dissension. In a united front, it is
time to reach those conservative democrats with straight talk about why they
will make your life better in America, and the Republicans will continue to
bring more of the same.  

Your thoughts?