Ladies First, by Ronnie Djoukeng

The Democratic National Convention is steamrolling the competition with women at the vanguard.

I believe Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have provided a sturdy foundation for men to take it to the next level. On Monday night, Michelle discussed her roots and upbringing reminding and informing everyone that she’s American as apple pie. Women were allowed to see the construction of her pie’s latticework—motherhood, sisterhood, and marriage. These attributes that make her who she is reminded women that you can be all things and be proud to be all things. The affirmation of womanhood was a theme that ran through Michelle’s speech as well as Hillary’s.

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Hillary was steadfast and resolute-unequivocal in her position, unforgiving in her statement, and unapologetic in her support for Barack Obama. There was so much history imbued in her speech—civil rights and women’s rights— reminding all Democrats that this moment is monumental. Her speech reunited two important constituencies—blacks and women– of the Democratic party.

Tonight, we will hear from vice presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton. Biden’s speech should discuss foreign policy and undermine John McCain. President Bill Clinton’s speech needs the same gravitas as his wife, yet the focus should be on attacking McCain and raising the profile of Barack Obama—thereby passing the baton. As the Democratic National Convention reaches its peak on Thursday with Barack Obama’s speech, Democrats should feel invigorated to push forward for the remaining 10 weeks.

The women have done their part and men need to seal the deal. It is now Act II of the Democratic National Convention, men it is up to you to make the women proud.

I’ll be back tomorrow to evaluate tonight’s performance. Stay tuned…

-Ronnie Djoukeng

Ronnie Djoukeng is a Maryland blogger who can be found at her group blog, .