It’s Party Time! by Dr. Eric Durham

Okay GoodPeople,

It’s time to get this party started! …and by the way, let’s have fun…it’s a joyous occasion, regardless of what the Republicans and the critics have to say.

The Number #1 reason to celebrate with absolute fervor is that this convention will be of historical magnitude! Senator Barack Obama, who has already made history in a number of ways, will address yet another arena-sized audience who is eager to hear more about a "different type of politics." No matter how the Republicans try to spin his ability to draw large crowds as a weakness…please "party-goers" rest asssured that if John McCain was able to do so, he would! …and besides what do the large crowds symbolize? An intelligent person would go beyond Obama’s oratory…and find that Americans are actually hungry for sincerity and relief from the "trickle-down" economic policies of the wealthy.

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The Number #2 reason to party all night long is to witness the maturity and commitment of Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton. I believe that Senator Clinton will illustrate a strong and sincere commitment to the policies of the Obama Administration. I do not believe she is as involved with factions like "PUMA" (Party Unification My Ass) as the media might lead you to believe. During the primary season, Senator Obama pledged that she would be instrumental in his Healthcare Adminstration and I believe that there are other avenues for her to participate with dignity and comfort.

Reason #3: Joe Biden is the perfect co-host! He provides the perfect compliment to Barack Obama. He is seasoned, experienced with insider-politics, and a bit more unadulterated in his rhetoric. What you have in the leadership of Obama & Biden is a dialectical tension. As a rhetorical scholar, I understand that some of the best things are created from dialectics; rhetoric/language being one of them. Obama does not have a "yes-man" in Biden nor does he have a philosophical twin. (That in itself is quite refreshing when you consider the Bush/Cheney team and all of its cronies.) In Obama/Biden you have two men who will be honest with each other, and America, in the way in which they govern this country.

I’m looking forward to 1.) Michelle Obama’s speech, 2.) Hillary and Bill’s speeches, 3.) and, of course, Barack Obama’s address (Thursday). I’ll be providing commentary on a whole hosts of issues (media coverage, race, economics, "change", global perspectives, elitism).

Stay tuned….

-Dr. Eric Durham

Dr. Durham is a Professor of Communications at Morgan State University. He blogs as the Good Doctor at . Tune in to WEAA 88.9 FM Monday night at 8:00 pm to hear him join Anthony McCarthy on-air for three hours of live coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.