“This is going to be a tough election”-Marc Steiner

I am sitting here in a church that is the headquarters of the Progressive Democrats of America. Feels like I am back in the sixties. It looks and feels like the old days. But it is unfortunately a new day with some of the same issues facing with this war in Iraq. Progressives, though most support Obama, want him to push harder for the end of the war, withdraw troops now and tie it to the economy.

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It ain’t gonna happen but they need to push. Obama has a tough opponent. Last night on Jay Leno, Jay tried to humorously ask McCain about his houses, and McCain said, "I was a POW." We are in a war, McCain says we are winning, the press for the most part are not disagreeing or questioned, and he is a POW, a tough man for a tough time.

This is going to be a tough election.
-Marc Steiner